Our Century21 mobile site program with Northumberland Realty of Summerside is underway. Signs are going up showing the QR code and a number. Most smartphones can scan the QR code to go to the site and then the user enters the search number for pictures and info.

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    We offer our custoemrs the option of a fully managed web service. We handle everythign from domain, hosting, initial design and content creation and updating.

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    Websites are created for many purposes. In this case John Arnold, in collaboration with others, has written scores for some timeless stories and these are presented in a simple, no nonsense web design. This is clean, easy to use, and packed with content! Includes music previews of the scores.

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    An example of a hybrid site this website is designed to "know" if it is displaying on a computer, table or smartphone and configure itself accordingly. Excellent as in this example for a small tourist business.

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    This site created for the Summerside Regional Developement Corp is designed to highlight the advantages of doing business from the Holman Centre, a fully restored heritage building on Water St., originally the home of the Holman Dept store.

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    This is an example of a conventional site prepared for a local business to show the services that they offer to their local market.

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We are one of PEI's Leading Web Design Companies

When you are looking for a local answer to a Global Question!

Whether you are starting a business and looking for your first website or you have a site that isn't living up to your expectations we can help.

All too often websites are "all sizzle and no steak". Web designers tend to over-complicate designs, making it difficult for the end-users, your customers, to find what they are looking for. At PEIWebDesign.com we concentrate on creating informative content and presenting it in a pleasing manner with easy to use navigation so that your visitors find what they are looking for.

We realize that in business you often have to make one dollar do the work of two, so we structure our pricing so that you can afford to deal with us. In addition we provide a seamless service from design and construction of your site through Search Engine Optimization and link building campaigns for those who are trying to break through the internet clutter, to hosting on our own server infrastructure. We are not simply re-selling another company's hosting services, we operate our own equipment made available exclusively to our clients. As we are a local company you can contact us easily. You don't have to work with faceless strangers! You know as an island company we will look after our neighbours.

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Just starting out in business

You will most likely have a lot of expenses starting your business. An expensive website may not be in the cards. PEIWebDesign.com can create a workable and inexpensive website solution for you and take your business beyond depending on Facebook.

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What We Do

We are the Island's leading supplier of quality websites at affordable pricing.

We can create, maintain, and promote your web presence, including, but by no means limited to, initial design or re-design, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to make your website more easily found, as well as hosting on our dedicated server.

We bring a retail store model to buying your new website


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